Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Melissa's Bridal Shower Games

We had fun at the shower watching the guests play the games, I just hope they did too. What do you think? This is Kaley, Lindsey (they rode up with me from Utah), Sara, and Rocio and of course the honored guest herself, Melissa playing the picture melissa on her wedding day game.  They had to draw Melissa as she would be on her wedding day with as much detail: hair, groom, dress, etc with a paper on your head.
Then Melissa got to be the judge. Lindsey's drawing was deemed worthy of the award. I think hers was the bottom purple.
The next game was another imagined event although this time Melissa is to have been on her honeymoon in Nauvoo and the power has gone out and she is trying to get dressed in the dark, hence the blindfold. We put together some items she might encounter in her bag. Wool socks, boxers, boots, scarf, gloves, hat, bra (we had to make it believable.) and she had to try to put them on.  
Here is the result of her efforts.
And this is her reaction to seeing herself in the mirror. We went for the full length option. 
We also played the question game to see how well Melissa knows Chris. She earned chocolate kiss for each right answer and usually a big piece of gum for the wrong ones. Chris informed me that Melissa was getting some dental work done earlier in the week and thought the gum would be cruel so we just rewarded the right answers. Melissa did amazing and only got the answers wrong because Chris gave me the wrong answers to begin with. 
We also played the famous guess how many skittles are in the jar. Rocio amazed us all and guessed the number with only 2 off 564. 
We finished up with ice cream and peach upside down cake. Yum! Hope you had fun Melissa.

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