Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guns and Sneaky Snakes!

Uncle David was a hit again as he let the little boys and girls try their hand at target practice. Caleb had a little difficulty in pulling the trigger.
but practice makes perfect!
This is Caleb showing his excitement at hitting the milk jug.
Uncle David showed Zach how to line up the target in the cross then fire.
David's helping balance the gun and with a little help...success!
Uncle Mike came home later to grandma's after a church meeting and was met by this snake right next to the front door. He scared it off the porch with a shovel to make sure it wasn't a rattler and then trapped it in the dumpster as we went to look up what kind of snake it was. We are guessing a goffer snake, but boy was it long. I took pictures of it's release. We were all really cautious when we opened the door after that.
Good bye and Good riddens!

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