Thursday, June 18, 2009

Road Trip! Washington and Idaho here we come.

We took Kirsten out of school early on May 28th and headed for my sister's house in Idaho Falls, ID. We had a short visit at her house with Chris and Melissa. They were in the process of moving out of their apartment in Rexburg on their way to an internship in San Jose CA. We helped them unpack a horse trailer packed with their stuff that would be stored at Corinne's while they decide in CA is their stopping point for awhile. I wish I could have found them a contruction job here in UT, but I'm sure Lisa will love having them there with her.
After our short stay over in Idaho, we packed Ethan (almost one), Sierra, (there almost 2 year old goldendoodle), and Corinne and set out for Washington. It took us 10 hours, which isn't back considering Ethan was trying out a new car seat and Sierra hasn't spent more than 15 minute ride trips in the car and not this kennel.
When we arrived Saturday night in Kennewick, WA; little Ethan only wanted to crawl. He found anything and everything with wheels and pushed it around. Isn't he a cutie!
Here he is trying to stand up and walk with the stroller!
Here Caleb is his incentive for moving it along...ethan must catch up or keep up with Caleb on the car. Caleb is checking out his lead...
Kirsten was cheering ethan along by growling at him from behind. Ethan's laugh is hilarious!
This is after I told Caleb to slow down. "what, me mom slow done...I don't think so!" This is not a look of an innocent little boy...

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