Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Christmas in the Park" downtown San Jose CA

On Saturday night, the 28th of Novemeber we,(my family, Lisa's Family, Mike and Vickie Macias and Chris and Melissa went to Christmas in the park. At first the kids weren't impressed with the different decorations on the many trees, but then quickly changed their minds when they say santa's helpers with the moving elves and trains.

There are bundles of candy canes in this display...
Then the train comes by that carries the candy canes somewhere else...
The kids were fascinated with the train and watched till it had all gone by.
Chris and Melissa are such good sports going along with us to all these places. We love you both!

Penguins parachuting on a carausel turning display.
Since we were in California, there was an attempt at making snow...bubbles really and the kids thought this was very cool!
Taking a little break from the walking.
All lined up for a photo op...
Just a cute pic of Zach...what a face!
The alligator band display was another favorite.
Zach especially liked this one because santa is stuck with his head in the chimney.
We were constantly telling the kids to stay together so they wouldn't get lost in the crowd...they did the choo choo!
The happy group at the end of the tour!
Vickie got the kids these cool rainbow light up toys and Jessie decided that they were unicorn horns...so here's your picture of the unicorns on tour.
The two best buds at the restaurant after the park tour.
The group happy after getting something more substantial in their tummies and it's not thanksgiving leftovers tonight! Variety is good!

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Lisa said...

can I juse post a link to yours so that I don't have to blog about the week. I am still so tired from it. It was so fun to have you all here, I wish you were closer so we could do it more. Love ya!