Monday, February 22, 2010

First go at rolling skating

The kids had their first experience with wheels on their feet the day before Kirsten's 9th b-day and they were troopers! Classic skating also lets you bring scooters to ride as well, but Kirsten, Zach, Nathan and I rented skates and took to the crowds of people most of which were from our elementary school. We brought the scroller for Caleb so we could keep him contained but still be out with everyone. That didn't last long as he wanted to do something himself.
Caleb had no fear and no concept of other people either as he got on his scooter and set out in the arena with nathan trying to keep up as Caleb darted out and often times trying to go against the flow of traffic. Thank goodness he didn't get hurt in any of his collisions.
I remember relying on the wall alot when I first started skating. Kirsten got more confidence as the night went on, but wanted to return to using the scooter because it was faster and she could then go hang out with her friends.
Zach found out that by using the stroller he didn't fall as much and the stroller was like training wheels in aiding him to steady himself on the skates. Colby had a turn in the stroller while Zach pushed him around. Zach had a blast , but poor Colby had had enough.
Kirsten back on her scooter rolling along with David a boy from her class.
All 5 of us on this eventful night! Although we were all sore from using new muscle we had a great time! Nathan is still nursing a bruised tail bone from the game of wipe out! The game entailed getting down on the floor or falling to the floor as fast as you can in a gender war when the announcer cut the music. I don' think the creater of this game intended the participants to be 33 year olds.

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