Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is finally here!

This is the only time Caleb would put on his costume. He's been wearing it all month maybe he is just tired of the it; who knows. At least we have one picture. Kirsten is the a witch of her choosing and Zach is BumbleBee from Transformers. He has been consumed with everything transformers for almost a year.
Zach has been "Beewitched." Do you get it; BumbleBEE and the Witch hat. I thought is was clever.
Didn't know the the bumblebee costume could be so multi versatile. Do you see the cat? 
Caleb the would be witch.
It's Aspen's 3rd birthday today... Halloween! After going trick or treating we had a little party in between answering the door to the trick or treaters. 

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dots said...

They look cute kathryn!! I wish my girls would do something besides princesses...o-well....