Sunday, November 30, 2008

St. Louis, Missouri Chris and Melissa's wedding

The newlyweds look fabulous, melissa was amazing to have stayed out for the few pics she did. It was freezing outside with the wind blowing and the chill factor to boot. I must be a wimp, cause I thought Utah was cold, but Missouri takes the cake!
The reception held at the church was beautifully decorated not to mention the beautiful people within. I think Melissa could pass for Julia Roberts from the runaway bride. Sorry melissa you've already said "yes."
The traditional wedding pose, I did it at mine with the groomsmen and brothers too. What fun!
Corinne surprised my parents, grandparents and brothers by flying with me from Utah for the wedding. It was a great day to have all of the siblings together for Chris wedding. I love my family.
I don't know what I would do without my sisters/ best friends. I just wish we could be together more often. I am sooo blessed to have not one but two great examples of great mothers, wives, friends, and daughters of a Heavenly Father . I love you two. Thanks for taking care of me in Missouri when the ulcers attacked.

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Tom said...

missouri isn't always cold and windy - it is also hot and humid!

So what you stopped by St Louis and didn't want to tell us until after you have come and gone :)