Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Time

The kids wanted to carve pumpkins but were unsure about touching the goo inside them. Zach was content with me doing it. Kirsten is working on it with her spoon, no hands for her either.
We finally convinced the boys to give it a try. They attached with the big spoons but pulled out as soon as their hands touched something slimmy.
Caleb stood back after the slimmy encounter and said, " eeuhh" really loud. It was hilarious.
We were done carving out the "eeuh" by the time it was Caleb's turn. He was content just drawing on it with a marker. Works for me.
Zach chose to do a bat carving. Looks good zach, nice work!

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dots said...

Michael took over the pumpkin carving festivities this year...I did make sure to try and encourage the girls to choose smaller pumpkins tho...