Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dogsitting Daisy!

This is Daisy! She is our good friends newest member to their family. When they went to a family missionary welcome home, Kirsten got to dogsit Daisy! Isn't she cute!
I wasn't sold on having Daisy have free rain of the house, so we set hr up in the kitchen...in a big playpen area. The kids spend a lot of time with her...cuddling, throwing her bone and watching her slide across the floor to get it.
When Daisy would go to the gate the kids would try to lure her away with attention. Kirsten took her out to potty every 1.5 hours during the day. It was more work than she expected, but she loved every minute. Zach and Caleb were good dogsitters too. Daisy went to Friday date night at Sonic with us and to the Saturday soccer game too. Through it all she stayed relatively clean except when Kirsten, trying to be helpful had her play in a water puddle at the game and then walk through the wet muddy grass. Needless to say we gave her a foot bath when we got home. Thanks Laings for the chance to watch Daisy!

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