Monday, September 7, 2009

The First day of school year 2009!

Here's the kids, Caleb, Zachary (first grade), and Kirsten (Third grade), on the first day of school. Notice everyone has a backpack...we have to be like the big kids. Our one year old tree is sure getting big. I remember measuring our growth each new year by the tree in our old house when I was growing up. Don't they all look nice!
"Everyone say Cheese for the camera." Notice Kirsten's brackets on her front four teeth. This is stage one of the process...she is being a good sport about it all at least for the most part.
This is the first bus stop line on the street in front of ours then the bus goes a little farther down and picks up even more...that bus must be really noisy! We are all waiting patiently as the bus is always a little late on the first day of school.
The bus has finally arrived...look at that show of sisterly love and it was even caught on film.
Zach has grown alot, but man this bus it a big step up.

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