Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salt Lake Fair continued...Little hands on the farm!

Okay, it might be a little hard to tell what this is, but if you look closely the big silver thing is a pail, and the dripping things are cow utters or "tits" as grandpa wells would call them. While at the fair, there was an area for the kids to experience farm work. They put on aprons got a basket and headed down the path. We came to the milking barn where the kids could milk the cow (a pretend one of course with water). It was a little more difficult for the kids to get results but they tried it. Caleb is just ducking out of the picture off for the next chore.
We picked apples in the orchard.
We planted vegetable seeds in the garden. Little tokens with pictures of the vegetable that you had to find the right row to plant in.
Then you walked around to the other side of the garden and harvested your vegetable.
Then you rode your John Deere to the market to sell your produce.
Don't forget to fill up the tractor with gas first so you don't get stranded on the road.
Caleb needed a little help from the daddy work force in order to propel his tractor forward. The gears (pedals) where just a little out of his reach.
We passed through the shearing barn to collect our wool to take to market.
Caleb worked hard to make his wool shiny and smooth first.
We collected eggs in the hen house. Then at the end we distributed all our wares in the right bin at market and collected our earning which we redeemed at the store for a fruit snack. Fun idea for a hands on learning experience.

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