Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day continued...

As things settled down, Uncle Danny helped Zach put together his new starwars lego ship. Zach is growing up fast, but still loves to build everything he can with legos.
Kirsten got the new advanced Operation game so we had to try it out. There are different difficulty levels that you can turn it to along with sounds that tell you which object that you try to get out with the tweezers.
All the family at the Christmas Dinner. We had a late christmas breakfast after presents too, but I just had to get a picture of all of us fitting in the kitchen.
Ellie was hiding back in the corner in the highchair. We couldn't leave her out. This was her first time in a highchair and she lasted quite a while.
I know it isn't the best of pictures, but it shows everyone! Merry Christmas to Mom and Dad Stitt in Paris from all of us here in the states. All the adults will get a chance to go visit them sometime this year as we all got two round trip tickets to Paris for our Christmas present. It was a real surprise when Rachel opened her card and read the back...she was expecting gift certificates to McDonald' they even have McDonalds in Paris?...I guess we will find out. Now onto passports...
As the family was trickling out I got a shot of some of the siblings. (L) Caitlin, Ryan, Aubrey, and Steve.
I always say that Caleb takes after his unlce ryan...what do you think? Maybe I need to get a younger picture of Ryan and then compare? Thanks for coming Ryan and Steve...It was great to have everyone together.

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