Monday, January 11, 2010

A visit to the dentist!

Caleb's attempted his first teeth cleaning last wednesday. He did great to let the dentist look in his mouth and count his teeth, but drew the line when we started polishing his teeth. He would sit up and start to gag. He got 5 teeth out of 20, not too bad for a start. He loved wearing the classes and looking in his hand mirror.
The only way we got the 5 teeth polished was if he got to push the button to get himself a drink from the little sprayer. It was so funny! The staff really was great about just letting him do what he was comfortable with and not forcing anything. We'll try it again in 6 months.
Zach is just chillin out in this chair taking it all in strides.
He is smiling...although with the spot light it's hard to see. While all the kids were in 3 different rooms, I tried to get them on a picture, but I didn't get Kirsten...she'll probably thank me later for not getting that moment on film.

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