Monday, April 12, 2010

Dan and Becca's 30th Birthday party!

Some good friends and neighbors of our were turning 30 and so we combined a surprise party and BBQ to celebrate. Becca is the birthday girl being held by us all (L) Tara, me, Athena, emily, Candace, and Amy!
We then played a game boys against girls regarding prices of things back in the 1980's. The lossing answer caused one of the birthday people to put on a article of clothing from the 80's. The end result was a Becca/ punkie bruster and Dan the "too cool" man.
Here is the brithday boy with his wife, Emily. She planned the whole thing and did a great job!
Bishop Laing and his wife, the birthday girl. I love his expression. (Bishop was just coming back from helping sheetrock dan and emily's crawl space. Hence the apparel)
The fabulous cake that Allie made. She wasn't able to come. It has the 80's mark: bottom; pack man, middle: rubic cube, and top: a radio.

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