Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

It is supposed to be spring when Easter comes around...not so this Easter. Instead we had snow covering the ground with more storms on the way. Caleb woke up, this morning and raced downstairs, jumped on the couch and pulled back the blinds, "Where's Easter?" We tried to explain that Easter wasn't a person, but a day and when Christ was resurrected, but I think it will take more telling him this for him to understand. We did a little egg hunt inside for the kids. Caleb is finding the egg Nathan stashed behind his elliptical.
Kirsten "cheesing" it for the camera. Notice no more braces?
Zach and Caleb searching behind the couch. Zach is still in his pj's after being sick all weekend long. The deal was he laid down all morning and could do the easter egg hunt if he didn't get sick by the afternoon.
We went to my sister, Corinne's house in Idaho Falls and her neighborhood had a egg hunt. The kids got an outside hunt after all, just 2 weeks later.

The older kids were searching for the eggs farther down the grassed area.
The hunt is over, now "what did we find?"
Consuming the candy on Corinne's lawn. I love the tradition of using the baskets that our great Gale grandparents made for the kids. They are really a cute idea.

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