Saturday, July 10, 2010


After the reunion, we went back to the kids Great Grandparents farm and started the fireworks. The kids favorite was the sparklers. This is 2 year old Ethan's first experience with them. He was so thrilled. Such a big little boy!
Kirsten and her twin Jessi!
Caleb trying out his sparkler. Ethan looks like he is working at blowing out the fire...this is a little different than your birthday cake candle though!
Zach and uncle Joe! You can see Uncle MJ' s hand as he dishes out the newly lit sparklers.
Notice the bucket in the middle...we were trying to be safe. As safe as handing fire stick to kids within close proximity to each other and having them move them around can get. Ha Ha Ha!
Jessi's pose for the future cheerleading tryouts.
MJ lit up some worms and the kids watched for a it, but wern't as impressed as I remember being at that age.
The line up for the after dark show. A little fuzzy, but you get the idea. We didn't have chairs to begin with, but the kids were just too ansy to get close to the road and the out came the chairs. Grandma brought the kids these glow stick for the special occasion.
I loved the beauty and the calmness whenever I visited my grandparents. It is still there even if we bring along our own living noise.

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