Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monday winding down!

Blast Off Fun Center was our destination for our monday! It is indoor, which was good because it was cooler again and it wasn't that crowded. The kids had a "blast."
The ball pits or "arm pits" as Caleb once called them were a hit. The kids loved getting buried.

These two yahoos together as always. They even tried to go off one their own to a different part of the fun center and we were worried when they couldn't be found in the tunnels. The zip line was fun to do with more than one going...Zach and Tanner hanging on for the ride!
Ethan can be a happy child, but his expressions make me laugh when the camera comes out.
Below is Caleb catching air into the balls. He isn't as reserved this time. Experience is a good thing.
The group of happy jumpers and their moms.
Back at Corinne's, fed with fun, food, and now a good nap. Notice Hunter' s hand just hanging out in his dad's pocket. So cute!
MJ needs then nap before he heads out for the long hall back to CA that night.

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Lisa said...

Awsome pictures I think I will copy and paste if you don't mind:)