Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reunion Time!

We went to Idaho for my mom's family reunions over the 4th of July! Here's a little of what we did...Cousin Tanner and buddies...or worst enemies. All the kids made this bird nest and collected pine cones in the open field by the Church pavilion.
Aha! There you two are! Look for pairs if you look for these boys. Hiding out in their tree fort!
Zach learning the art of ax throwing with Uncle David! Grandma brought this activity all the way from Washington and Zach was thrilled!
I videoed him and didn't get a good shot of him hitting the target. He didn't stop practicing though and came over to me later to show me all the ones he did hit the mark with.
Kirsten got wet during a water fight and Grandpa took this as a good opportunity to snuggle!
I don't know what it is, but I kids jump at the chance to ride in another vehicle whenever possible. This time it was the blue whale of grandma and grandpa.

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