Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Corinne and Ethan came down for the weedend!

The kids loved having Ethan to play with and spoil! They all took turns playing on the piano and Ethan loved pushing all the buttons. The Cooks arrived on Thursday afternoon and Friday the Corinne, I and the little boys went store hopping looking for matching shirts for our family picture the next weekend. Corinne was a lifesaver, but I was sad that we used our time together to go shopping. Thanks for your help Corinne. Friday afternoon Corinne and I headed to Salt Lake for the Time Out For Women Conference. Nathan watched all the kids for use overnight and into the evening of Saturday so we could get a break. What would we do without our awesome husbands to remind us to take a little time to ourselves.
Ethan fell asleep while eating after church before we put him in the car to head to the shuttle stop back to Idaho Falls.
The mode of transportation for Corinne and Ethan so no to worry about the weather and the tending of Ethan. Thanks Corinne and Ethan for a great fun packed weekend! Come again soon and bring Spencer!

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