Monday, November 9, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Yes, we got a real piano! This is the Yamiha Clavinova CLP 330. It is a beautiful electric piano that we never have to tune, it's lighter weight in case we ever move, doesn't take as much space, has head phones, so I can play after the kids are in bed and not worry about anyone hearing my mistakes, but still sounds, plays, and performs like a real upright grand piano. Kirsten has been taking piano lessons for going on 3 months now and was getting frusterated because her teacher wanted her to pranctice varying her sound with loud and soft. This was impossible on the keyboard that doesn't have tension in the keys. So I started looking on the classified ads and the almost purchases kept on falling through. I then started looking a the gallerys, but everything was always too expensive...even the trade ins. All this time I was looking for and upright piano because thats what I had growing up and loved the feel and look of the"real" pianos. Then I looked at the pros and cons for the electric with all the advancements in technology and we got a really good deal on this one...more than we wanted to spend, but well worth the investment if we were serious about having Kirsten take lessons with success. We all love the new music in our house and not a day goes by when someone doesn't play "kirsten's piano" as Caleb calls it when he wants a turn. Kirsten's piano teacher has asked her to count outloud the notes when she is practicing a new song and Caleb the spong that he is has started doing the same and will sit at the piano as while playing say "1,2, 1,2." It is so cute! Now we just have to wait till he get a little older to start him with lessons.
After persistant asking from Zach, Nathan helped Zach build yet another tower one night. Boy do these boys love to build with their legos and their Dad!

Caleb has been fighting against the staying in bed once he's been tucked in and tries to sneak downstairs and see whatever we are doing...he didn't last that long this time and we found him on the stairs asleep. Silly little guy who is not so little anymore...sigh!

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Amber said...

My kids have fallen asleep in a lot of crazy places but never on the stairs. That is so cute and so funny.