Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time Out for Women!

Ellie Woodhouse was a good sport Friday night as she accompanied her aunts and grandma to Time out for Women! Isn't she adorable! I snapped the picture too late she was smiling!
Friday Night we (Corinne, Becca Laing, Candace Carter, Carrie Tijerina, Tara, and I,)( Monica Bair and Jen Baldwin drove up later) drove up to Salt Lake and dropped our overnight gear at the Hampton Inn. Then walked the 5 blocks to the convention center where the Stitt girls(Debra, Rachel, Ellie, Aubrey, Camille, Caitlin) were saving us seats. We had a few minutes to spare before the show began. We listened to Sis. Nelson (Elder Nelson's wife) speak. She was such a pleasant surprise with humor and realness about her that made you want to memorize every word. She taught to take charge of your life and role, identify what needs to be done, stop complaining and get to it. Then Sis. Sherri Dew spoke and again I loved the realness about her...their status in life makes you put them on a pedistal, but in reality they are woman who have feeling just like the rest of us...strengths and weaknesses too. She taught that sometimes we have to "take one for the team," and that we need to boldly share the truths when inspired that we have taken for granted in most cases (Chastity). A violinist, Jenny something played the violin and was amazing! I usually don't appreciate string instruments but she made me change my mind with her talent.
We headed back to the hotel that night and played the name game and Catch Phrase until the manager asked us to keep it down. We then retired for the evening and started the wake up schedule at 6am. I'm not getting any younger and this made me feel ooooold! Me and my baby sister Corinne before another day at Time out!
My good friend Becca! She is such a fun person to hang out with...always concerned for other's needs and a ready smile for everyone!
We had two rooms.. our room consisted of Becca, Tara ( a friend and coworkers wife of Becca's husband), me and Corinne.
The group of hungry girls waiting to be seated at Olive Garden during out lunch break! Tara, Becca, me, Corinne, Jen Baldwin (back R) Monica Bair, Carrie Tijerina, and Candace Carter. What a fun group of girls!
Corinne, me, Camille, Rachel, Aubrey, Caitlin, and Mom. We were able to get a ticket after one of the sister in our ward ended up not being able to go. Mom then got a ticket from Virginia and got to come out on Friday afternoon to join us girls for one more hurray before heading to Paris for a year. It was another inspirational day on Saturday as we were instructed by Hilary Weeks,Michael Wilcox, Emily Watts, Mary Ellen Edmunds ( she is an older woman that had a contagious giggle), and Kris Belcher that her even being there is a miracle. I encourage everyone to go it is well worth the money and just great to have a "time out" for yourself.

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Pays said...

How fun! I have always wanted to go to that. I will have to check it out next year.