Friday, June 25, 2010

On Tuesday, while still in Washington, Mike and Dorothy got us in to the Court Club. We got to try out the rock wall since Mike was certified to be a balayer. While Mike reviewed the ropes, the kids got to practicing on the rocks. They are all little billy goats when it comes to climbing. Zach is the one that Nathan is trying to hang on to. However, when playing tennis was mentioned Zach opted to do that instead of climb.
Caleb and Tanner had their own idea of entertaining themselves.

Three of my goodlooking brothers!
Caleb getting strapped in for the climb. Jessi was rearing and ready to go to.
Grandpa is helping Caleb find the footholds on the rock. Watch the video. Caleb gets up aways and then decides it is a little scary. Listening to it, I'm convinced that my comentary is annoying, sorry. I was very proud of Caleb for being so brave! We all then went swimming and hot tubbing. We tended to gravitate to the hot tub. Thanks Mike and Dorothy for making it possible for us to come along.

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