Thursday, January 6, 2011

Halloween 2010

The kids were more willing to take out the goo this long as a spoon was available!
The finished masterpieces with a little laughter thrown in.
Just liked this one! Usually, it's Caleb with his tongue sticking we know where Caleb learned it!
I helped out with Zach's 2nd grade party. My station was the cookie decorating. When I picked this center I thought it would be one of the easier ones. Granted that was true, it wasn't the cheapest...or maybe I just went overboard. Either way the kids had fun and most of all so did Zach. There was alot of piling the candies rather than decorating going on!
Zach's cute teacher, Mrs. Cook. All the 2nd grade teachers, all 5 of them dressed up as the 5 little monkey's jumping on the bed, like the story.
My Zach, the lion for the 3rd year in a row with his yummy cookie.
This years costumes: Zach the lion, Ellie is Leah from star wars (Rachel made the yarn hat and outfit, so creative), Kirsten the witch and Caleb is "Bumblebee" from Transformers. Happy Halloween!
This year was great in that after the ward party,it started to rain. (not good). I told Nathan he got to take the kids around, but only if it stopped raining. An hour later it did. Nathan, the smart person that he is told me to turn off the lights and go read a book...and I did. This trick fooled most of the kids and I only had a few interruptions from reading. I like this kind of trick or treating...the stay warm and relax kind!

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