Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in Washington-snow!

Uncle David's fun with the 4-wheeler!We were surprised to find so much snow in Washington when we went to visit at Thanksgiving! The kids were thrilled to play in it though! Kirsten enjoying one of Uncle David's toys!

Zach going for a ride! "Look no hands"
Uncle David would take the kids up the road to the dead end; then ...
..bring them back.
Caleb looks like he was enjoying his ride. Although, I did hear after the fact that he got dumped off.
He decided to ride with Uncle Joe after that. Joe just turned 12 the week before. Man time flies.
Caleb decided the old fashioned sledding down the hill in the back was good enough for him.
And back up he comes. Notice this year he has to carry his own sled.
And down he spins. Thanks for the fun in the snow Uncle Joe, Uncle David, and Grandpa.

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