Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in Washington- Zach's 8th B-day!

My son turned 8 years old on Thanksgiving! He is becoming such a little man and we are so proud of him. Since his birthday was going to fall over Thanksgiving, thought it only fair that we give him voice as to where he wanted to spend it... Hands down he chose to go to WA to be with our family. He was in heaven with his Uncles, Grandparents, and cousins.
Grandpa and Grandma stocked him with new "tech decks" and ramps for his birthday. He couldn't have been happier and spend many hours playing with them and changing their wheels and boards.
Since he is going to be a cub scout now... it is tradition to get the scout uniform and the wolf book. He actually had a pretty good response even if it was clothes for his birthday.
He was excited about his new digital/video camera with video games. He had fun taking pictures of all the activity with cousins. The games came in handy on the long ride home.
Eating cake with cousins. Thanks Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Mike for baking my cake. It was just the way I like it yellow on the inside and chocolate covered on the outside. Yummy!
Everyone enjoyed it while still trying to make room after the big dinner.
Gloria having her healthier choice of apples. She's diabetic and has to keep an eye on her sugar intake. How not fun!
David on the other hand gets to eat all the sweets that he can find. Much to the dismay of our mother!
Zach's birthday wouldn't be complete unless he got to play his favorite game of "Sorry." What a perfect end to a perfect day! We love you Zach!

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