Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in Washington!

Name tags are a tradition that the kids like to do for Thanksgiving. Kaylee, Kiera, Kassidy, and Mikenna made the feathered turkeys and Kirsten used Grandma's stamps to make the other ones. Some families don't have to do this, but when you have alot of people (18) in makes for an easier time.
Kirsten keeping busy making her name place settings.
Another tradition for the kids is making the o'dourve turkey. It always seems we are seeing more eating going on than putting on the turkey body. It's a fun tradition and gives the kids something to prepare.
We enjoyed our time together just hanging around. Cute Mikenna helping to demonstrate while we were waiting for everyone to take their seats for the feast!

With my family coming we needed more space. The kids had two tables in the family room. It's so much fun to have cousins!
Zach's 8th birthday fell on Thanksgiving and so we tried to combine the two. Notice the VIP on his chair and Grandma also got some noise blowers.
Kirsten being silly before the feast.
The feast has begun... YUM!
We dished up over in the kitchen using the island and the counters. We had a ton of food.

David is more than ready to eat. I can just hear him saying, "everyone sit down already so we can eat!" Mom found these pretty goblets and the adults got to use them. Mom always makes the whole picture perfect even down to the display of the table settings.
Dad and his older sister, Gloria taking a pic before the food is dished up.
We are so lucky to have our dad's mom and dad with us and doing so well. They joined us for dinner and visiting.
Amazing enough we still had room for pie after dinner and cake. There is always room for sweets in my book!
We had a great evening visiting then it was time to say goodbye. Bundle up it's cold out there.

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