Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner at Rapa Rose!

It was Michael Macias' birthday on Friday so we went out to a nice dinner at the Napa Rose, a 5 star resteraunt. I was a little nervous taking the kids there, but they did okay. The food tasted amazing!
Even though the kids were well behaved, we enjoyed dinner and leangered some after. The adults took turns taking the kids outside to get out some of their wiggles. Caleb found a bear on one of the outings and became friends.
"owee," Caleb tested out his teeth.
Then he found a "toot toot" on a poster.
Happy Birthday, Mike! You're a trooper for sharing your birthday dinner with all of us! He even shared his candle blowing. The desserts had chocolate writing on the sides. The chef was amazing and made his own ice cream. I had a sample of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I've never tasted anything so yummy and I've had my tastes of ice cream!

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