Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winding down and the tram ride

We splurged and all shared a blue slushy to cool down. We were at the park from 8 to 4pm and were doing alot of walking except for the breather on the bus for 35 minutes.
Caleb was done walking and wanted to hitch a ride on one of the jeeps!
We went on the tram ride once to get to the opposite side of the zoo to see more animals and the kids liked it so much that nathan took them for their final ride. You could only have 4 people and so I volunteered to sit out this time.I don't really enjoy going way up high in the sky in a little bucket that makes weird noises. You can see Zach and Kirsten's heads from the #3 on their way up.
Here is dad and Caleb peeking out of the trams side. This makes me really nervous.
I waited down at a cafe for the group to return and wanted to get a picture. As I was watching I saw a little boy sticking his head way out and thought to myself..."where is that boys parents..." that's when I realized that was my little baby boy and where was nathan?

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dots said...

It's too bad there isn't a zoo closer to us. My kiddos would LOVE it!!