Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hitting the rides early

Caleb loved this ride and just sat back against me and laughed.
With staying at the Grand California hotel comes the benefit of going into the park an hour earlier than the public entry time. We enjoyed going on this rocket 3 or 4 times in a row because their were no lines and no one waiting. This is my kind of riding rides.
We were also able to go on the "Alice and Wonderland" ride with no lines. Notice that we wern't in our ponchos. The rain was held at bay for about an hour for our enjoyment.
This was a cute shot of Vickie and Mike with Tanner snuggled together!
"Soarin" was another of our favorite rides. Both babies were sleeping in their strollers so Lisa graciously declined the opportunity to go on this ride of fantastic sights, smells and motion of CA. You actually do smell the orange mist going through the orchard. Amazing!
We rotated seats and rode for a second time...again the rain chased the lines away! Yah!

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Pays said...

Oh man, seeing this makes me want to go on it again. One of my favorites, besides tower of terror.