Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more characters at breakfast!

On the way into the park this morning we saw Alladdin and Jasmine. We didn't see many characters outside because of the weather and ran for a picture. One of the afternoons when it was down pouring and with the chance of clearing in the pm, Vickie got us tickets to see the Alladin show. We had front row tickets. We had dancers, elephants, singing, and amazing sets right at our feet. It was a once in a lifetime show and we got to enjoy it. Caleb even sat still up till the end and it was over an hour. When we walked out of the theatre we were greeted by sunshine and got a chance to further dry out! Yes!
Kirsten couldn't wait to get her turn with Minnie! She got a minnie doll for one of her surprise gifts...she was disappointed with the size at first, but then loved it.
We pushed Tanner in his highchair for this cute picture.
Kirsten got her wish to come true in going to Disneyland. Now she is posing with this Fairy Godmother.
Rafiki came and tried to scare Caleb as we were eating. He didn't want to touch him, but wanted mommy to and kept pointing at me.

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