Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kirsten's Baptism!

Kirsten and Nathan before she went into the font to be baptised. She was a little nervous about having to go underwater. She did great though!
The proud grandpas Ben Stitt and Don Gale. They got the priveledge of being the witnesses for the baptism. Making sure that every part of Kirsten was submerged in the water.
Here is our happy family on this joyous day!
These are the birthday presents from the grandmas. Grandma Gale likes making blankets and Kirsten has outgrown the previous is the beautiful, bigger replacement with the webkinz monkey that Kirsten was estatic about. Kirsten cuddles up with both most nights. Grandma Stitt and Grandpa Stitt took Kirsten and Zach out on a date and returned with a new outfit for her build a bear. Kirsten loves and appreciates the love she receives from her grandmas. Love you guys.
Mom an Dad got Kirsten the traditional 8th birthday present...her own engraven scriptures and hymn book. Uncle Chris and Melissa got Kirsten the pretty CTR heart necklace in the picture with a few other fun things and the Bames ( part of our adoptive family her in Utah, Maynard, Cindy, and Janae) gave Kirsten the scripture case with all the accessories a little girl could want inside. Janae did a great job as seamstress! Thank you everyone for your support of Kirsten on this special day!

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