Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kirsten's birthday continued

Next we headed down to the other end of the mall and had the kids get out some of their abundance of energy at the dinosaur and playhouse exhibit.
I was lucky that I could get the shots that I did. They kids were running everywhere, but enjoying themselves.
Here is Kirsten at the other end of the dinosaur testing her balance on the tail.
Nathan became the lava monster and the kids are running frantically trying to dodge him.
At the end of a fun day all clean and ready for bed. Kirsten with her teddy bear ( notice the outfit. She picked that out in Disneyland the week before), Zach with his dogs, one for Valentines day and the other he convinced he "needed" because Kirsten got something from build a bear, and our Caleb just happy to be himself.

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