Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanksgiving point!

The kids had a friday off of school so we took advantage of the day and headed to Thanksgiving Point with our good friends, the Cooks.This is a traditional shot the we always take. I remember when we used to fit so many more kids on this cow. Our kids are getting so big.
Here are the additions of Lona Marie, Taylor and Aspen. We adopt them as our family.
Here are the real cow pictures. My kids were so fascinated with the waste of the cow it was hard to know if they remembered to see the real animal that produced the waste. To their credit there was alot of poo.
We got some of the corn feed and the horses were too eager to relieve us of it. At first the kids just set the pieces on the cement barrior, bu then they got braver and hand fed the animals.
Here is one of those times when Kirsten was getting a little braver and hand feeding.

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