Tuesday, October 20, 2009

32 years old, but just another day!

September 25 marked the day I turned 32 years old. As you get older, I've found that you just experience another day. My family and friends tried to make it otherwise with gifts, cards, and calls, so thank you for making the day a little more than just a day of the week.
Nathan took the kids to walmart so they could pick out their gift choice themselves. Nathan said that Zach took quite awhile to determine the flowers above were the ones for me. They were beautiful , it jst took me awhile to remember to take a picture of them...old age and all... Kirsten decided that the hair brush that I'd had since before I got married was not working for me or her when I brushed her hair and got me a new brush with a gel handle and a big mirror. Caleb a boy after my own heart, got me a big bag a chocolate candy, which he then saw I had opened and took some at his leisure. Nathan won some tickets to a comedian show in Salt Lake for Jim Gaffigan. We were both feeling under the weather and were thinking about not going, but did. It was hilarious...all the laughing seemed to break apart the snot blockage for a little repreive to breath and then we went to dinner at chilli's. Yummy! Thanks everyone fore remembering me!

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