Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A change in color is alway good!

I convinced Nathan on Friday night that we needed to go pick out paint for the basement living room. The white was showing it's age and I couldn't stand it anymore.Nathan wasn't thrilled with the idea, but went along then decided it was my idea and so I could do all the work. I stayed up till one am on Saturday morning taping. Then woke up at nine and started the process of painting while nathan went to help his sister Camille move. By the time he returned I was tired and grumpy and still was only done with one coat. He fed the kids while I did another coat then helped me move the computer desk so we could "do it right" and paint behind it too.
The kids had two options while I painted, stay on the stairs or on the couch. I didn't want to clean up any paint from the floor as they like to run around the new obstacle course that we created with moved furniture. They were pretty good sports through it all. When Zach awoke that morning to find the blue taped walls he thought that was the finished product and declared he really liked the new color. So easily pleased.
Here's me peaking behind the itty bitty space for painting behind the cabinets. I'm glad I'm small cause they were hard enough to move out that far.
The finished product. It looks really nice. I'm still deciding if I would have preferred it a little lighter, but there's no way I'm painting it again. I'll get used to it.
Different angle, but still the finished view...Nathan likes it and says it make the room look more formal. He especially like the contrast of brown walls and the white trims.

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Unknown said...

It looks great! I can't believe you did all that by yourself. Geez. Wonder woman :)