Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jump'n jacks with the Cooks!

Aspen and Taylor invited Caleb to go to Jump'n Jacks with on Monday the 12th. I was a little bit hesitant to leave the phone unattended as it was Kirsten's first day back to school, but after giving the school Lona Marie's cell #, I felt better about leaving to let Caleb have some fun. We had been home bound because of Kirsten's pnemonia and he was getting cabin fever. The kids had a blast and got out all their pent up energy along side their friends.

Lona Marie gave the kids a ride on the snail. Everyone waited their turn eagerly.
This is Caleb's turn when he is determined to stay on the bucking snail. He is having a blast! Thanks Lona Marie!
Taylor just being the cutie pie that he is under one of the punching bags.
On Thursday, all the kids had Fall break and no school so we returned for a second round of jumping for fun. The train going down the biiiiigggg slide.
That looks like a happy boy having fun.
It was hard to get pictures the kids were running from one bounce house to another. Sometimes Caleb would be left behind or run from when they were playing lion, but they all had fun anyway.

Zach, Aspen, Caleb, and Taylor were not too happy I made them stop for a quick picture, but did nevertheless.

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