Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conference Weekend!

Conference weekend we got a visit from Mike, Dorothy and my nieces! It was great to see them. They bailed we out of a bind and instead of getting to visit, ended up watching the boys for me so I could take Kirsten back to the doctor for her shots for pnemonia. (She had been sick for a week already with what the first doctor said was "it's just a virus and has to run it's course," don't you hate it when they say that. Anyway that was great and all, but after a week and she doesn't completely get better and then to have fever spike and stay at 104 degrees...I was freaked out to be sure. If anyone is going to hallucinate it is going to be me from going crazy, not my 8 year old daughter from a high fever. I took her to another doctor and told her what had been happening and how there was more going on than just a virus and I wanted some answers. She agreed and order, flu, swine and influenza tests, pee, blood, and X-rays at the hospital. Sounds like alot, but we found some answers and we got her the treatment she needed to finally kick the sickness...it only took 1 weeks of suffering and 2 weeks of missed school to help her get her immunities replenish.)

They ended up coming back Friday night after their mission reunion to stay the night. We all were excited to have more time together. The kids played outside, in the playroom and even had a nice breakfast all together. Thank for the fun visit...come again soon!

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