Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zach's 1st grade field trip to the Big Red Barn in Santiquin.

I got to go on the field trip with Zach to the Big Red Barn!This was my first time going and Dad and Kirsten told us all that we could expect to see...the tour of the apple orchards had changed just a bit, but we had a memorable experience anyway.
After riding over 30 minutes on the bus, we disembarked the bus an got on a trailor with hay bails pulled by a tractor to bring us to the apple orchard. We passed cherry, and peach trees along the way. Notice the bundled up kids and the heavy gray clouds...forcasting our future wetness.
When we reached the apple orchard the guide explained how a apple tree comes to be from seed to keeping the insects from getting to the developing apples. The kids were pretty good to pay attention although a few complained about the freezing cold wind, not that I didn't agree with them too.
Then we were instructed on the correct way to pick and apple...grab hold and lift up so you don't cause more than one apple to fall to the ground. Each child picked at least one. Zach and Morgan are picking theirs here.
I was assigned to keep track of the blue group...Zach, Rylee, and Morgan are on the left by Zach...I don't know the other girls names. After we picked our apples we headed back to the trailer to bring us back to the building/store where we were to each lunch. On the 5 minute ride back the rain started in earnest.
We were literally soaked to the bones. Check out these drenched kids coats and pants.
We didn't get to tour the sorting machines or view a movie like Kirsten and Dad told us about, but we were very happy to be out of the rain. This small room became our cafeteria for 150 kid, teachers & parents. We took off our coats to try to dry them out before we headed back...it didn't work.
Then we were back on the buses a half hour ahead of schedule and took great delight in drawing on the fogged up windows after the bus driver cranked up the heat. Overall it was a fun trip!

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