Friday, May 22, 2009

April events for Zachary

Zach is our little inventor and scientist. Here he is with peanut butter in his hair because he decided to see what happens when you put gum in your hair. #1- mom gets mad.#2 mom tries to get it out with her strength (doesn't work), then peanut butter( not so pretty but works pretty good after a good washing. #3 we still have to cut out the gum and hair that the pb didn't take care of. Conclusion: we won't put gum in our hair anymore...but what if I put gum down... yes we did have more trial by gum, but I won't subject Zach to the laughter of everyone. I'll just say, I don't know what that boy is thinking sometimes or even if he does at all.
Zach is still loving to create with his connects. This is his spider.
This is Zach's Beetle bug with pintchers.

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Pays said...

Did you know that you can use an ice cube to get gum out of things? I guess the ice cube hardens the gum up and makes it easier to get it out. I've had too much experience with that.