Friday, May 22, 2009

The Hunt for EGGS!

Due to the downpour of rain, Stephanie and I hid the 40 eggs inside the house. The kids had a great time trying to find their 10 eggs each.
From the beginning Caleb wasn't sure of what to do. He watched and followed around the others and then started finding some himself with a little prodding.
No space was unused for the hunt, including the spare room downstairs. There were lots of good stops on the marble game.
Caleb was utilizing the bed to reach those hard to reach eggs on the piano and in the lion flashlights mouth.
Now towards the end of the hunt we are counting everyones eggs. We are still minus 2 eggs, good thing Caleb can't count! We did find the eggs later the next day in the couch cushions. Caleb and Dad were the ones the enjoyed the late treats.

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