Friday, May 22, 2009

The big hike to the Y!

Here we are at the trail head to the Y on the mountain in Provo. We hadn't done this hike in a while and some friends invited us along.
We took the many opportunities to stop along the way for a picture along with a water and sit down break. It started out on the breezy side, but by the end we all were down to our bottom least those of us hefting kids up the trail.
There is a shop of the younger hikers..(bottom) Brayden Laing, Holly Carter, Sophie Laing, Addie Laing, (top) Kirsten, Aspen Cook, and Zach. Tayler Cook, Caleb, and Colby were all riding up on the backs of the adults.
We made it to the top. We are all taking a breather and having some gram crackers before we start the treak down.
Here is the big group shot. I think it took us an 1 1/2 hours to go up...we did take alot of breaks! We did have fun though and that's what counts. (L) Cooks, Carter, Laings, Stitts.

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