Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fishing with Dad!

Nathan surprised the kids with a trip on saturday to the pond for fishing. Caleb is just chillin while waiting for a fish to bite. Nathan said all the kids were pretty sad to have to sacrifice a worm for the fish to eat.
Here is Caleb overjoyed at catching his own fish. This one is still wiggling in hopes of reaching the water, but Caleb is not about to let that happen.
Kirsten and Zach are working their hand at fishing. Look down at the far left and at the water's edge...this was Kirsten's first catch.
Here is one of her other catches. She didn't want to pick it up though.
Here is Zach in action. Look how the pole is bending...
Here is the catch from the struggle. What a whopper! I love his expressions!
Caleb had to have a turn holding up the fish too. Big brother was very kind and obliged.
Okay this is gross. Zach wanted nathan to video the heart that the fisherman cut out for the boys to watch as it was still beating on the table. YUCK!
While the fisherman gutted the fish, the kids weren't sure if they wanted to get to close. They had a great education on the insides of the fish though.


Unknown said...

I can NOT believe the size of that fish. Where is that pond?!

Lady Carolyn said...

I can't believe how big your kids are! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all at the old apartments with our little ones just toddling round. :)