Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kids and their forts!

During the mornings before Zach heads off for Kindergarden, the boys like to make forts. This is just one of them I caught on camera.
Look at those happy faces...I have to remember that playing is their job and forget about what kind of messes it makes. Someone please keep reminding me!
Over memorial day we finally gave in and let the kids have a sleep over from sunday. Because it was raining outside, we set up the 4 man tent downstairs and let the kids have a indoor campout. They thought it was pretty neat. We were just glad that we had a big enough empty space for this.
Here they are making funny faces!
More being silly!

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Lori-ann said...

What IS it with kids and forts?!? Our family room has been made into numerous forts with all the available blankets and pillows in the house. Drives me nuts!

But at least they keep the boys happy!