Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zach's Grandparent's Day!

Zach's 1st grade grandparent's day was right after spring break. It turned out that not one of his grandparents could make it to the actual event. However, all of them wrote him and email or letter about their 1st grade memories...he was thrilled. Thanks to all of you for making this special for him.
Letter from Grandma Gale from Kennewick, Washington.
Letter from Grandma Stitt in Paris, France. (Grandpa is there working for a year.)
Great Grandma Stevenson from St. George, UT.
Great Grandpa Wells from Blackfoot, ID.
Great Grandpa Gale from Kennewick, WA. He wrote his own letter...what a treasure!
And last but not least...Grandma Cindy who stepped in to be our grandma. She is a good friend and member of our ward family. I worked with her for 2years in the nursery and she loves our kids like her own. Thanks for helping us.

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