Friday, June 25, 2010

Visiting with an good friend!

Megan is a friend from back in highschool...then to college...then to maid of honor...then on into married life and motherhood. She lived in Washington now and even when I visit, it is hard to get our schedules to aline. We made it happen this time. This is her 4th child, Eliza! Isn't she darling!
On the Monday after graduations we were able to go see her new house that they have been remodeling and then play at the park. I took Caleb and Tanner, (my nephew) along. All the kids had a great time and best of all they extinguished some of their endless energy.
Caleb and Tanner are the best and worst of friends when we get together. It is so fun to be with cousins, no matter if they act more like siblings than cousins. We love it all.

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