Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberry freezer jam!

This last Wednesday night, my friend showed me how easy it is to make freezer jam. Strawberry is our favorite and were on sale so we tried it out. Kirsten was still up so we started washing bottles, washing berries and slicing them up. She was a big help. I learned that my friend made it look easy but when it's late at night and your tired everything seems harder. One lesson I learned was to make sure you mix in a bowl with a spout. Getting the jam in the jars was a messy job. Overall and enjoyable task with Kirsten. We'll see how it tastes!
Our bounty was 7 pint jars of yummy strawberry jam! Thanks for you teaching Lona Marie and your help Kirsten!

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dots said...

mmmm...we love freezer jam...i just found several tubs of it out in the freezer...