Friday, June 25, 2010

JUNE Uncle David's Highschool Graduation!

Since the actual graduation ceremony wasn't till 5pm, my parents hosted a BBQ in their backyard. All the relatives in town came along with all my siblings and their families. My great grandparents took the opportunity to get a great grandkids picture. This is really lucky since we are only missing Corinne's Ethan and adding Shyla in grandma's arms. My parents are up to 11 grandkids and counting...whose next?
My fam, grandparents, and great grandparents. We are really lucky to have so many grandparents to love and be loved by.
My cousin, Jeni and her little girl Shyla. She was adorable!
By the time graduation time came and we got the troops ready and there...we got bored easily. The uncles entertained with their hair...uncle mike's head hair and
... I love this picture of Caleb seeing if he is getting Mike's attention.
Now both Ethan and Caleb have Uncle Mike's attention...tickle time!
Uncle Chris' arm hair...He isn't all that thrilled to be the focus of Zach's little pranks.
This is one of my favorites by far. Uncle mike has been blessed with 4 beautiful girls...when his sister come to visit he can always be seen playing with the kids especially the boys. This is a cute one of him cuddling Tanner. Tanner isn't one to sit still so this is an amazing occurrence.
Finally after 2.5 hours of talking the deed is done...he has graduated. My kids look thrilled don't they?
Me and my little...BIG brother, David! What a handsome young man!
All of my siblings: (L)me #2, Corinne #5, David #6, Chris #4, Mike #1 (bottom), Joseph #7, Lisa #3. We don't look like that many...maybe because we aren't moving everywhere, we actually can all hold still for a picture now!

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Lisa said...

Great job documenting the events. I think between you, me and Dorothy we got almost everything that happened. Maybe Corinne got some that we all missed but she hasn't posted yet. Thanks for documenting Tanner with Mike. He just walked right down and sat on his lap and Mike gave be a questioning look. It didn't last long so thanks again.