Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas day 2008

Christmas morning the kids got up around 7:15 am (not bad huh?) and we tried to stall them with breakfast while we waited for Aunt Camille and uncle Andrew to arrive for presents. We enjoyed all the breads and oranges that we made and received: amish, poppyseed, and etc along with the fruitsnacks that santa added to the feast!
Then it was presents time. We started out with individual opening;that didn't work so well. Here is Caleb being helped out with the playing of his guitar. Siblings can be so helpful.
All the kids got keyboards from Grandma/pa Gale along with the microphones for extra enjoyment. The boys were trying out the pianos along with their vocal cords.
The big gift that santa brought this year was a WII system along with Mario Cart game. Nathan and Kirsten are trying it out. Finally something that grown-ups and kids alike can enjoy. Caleb is on the sidelines stabbing uncle andrew with his knife that collapses with contact. (That's the last time Mrs. Claus will ask for help with stocking stuffers.)
Allie enjoyed her new bone. I think she actually stayed there for a full hour and chewed. This is amazing for allie. She is a quite active dog, but we love her anyway.

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dots said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Glad you got out of here before all of the snow hit...ours is all gone now...have fun on the Wii!!