Saturday, December 20, 2008

zachary's Christmas program and party

We made it back from Washington at 8:30 pm Wednesday night so Zach could make his 2pm and 7pm performances. He worked very hard on his part and singing. His part as we all know it now was, " Christmas is children trying to sleep." Well done Zach.
Friday afternoon Caleb and I helped out in Zach's class Christmas party. We decorated snowman cookies and then ate them. These are Zach's table friends. Sierra, Caleb, Zach, Rylee, and Gavin. Rylee lives across the street from us and Gavin lives next door kinda fun.The kids also got to make a white and blue bead snowflake. Who knew that oriental trading had those too in little kits. Awesome.
Another mom did music time with nose makers; the kids were well entertained. Caleb couldn't decide if he wanted to finish his cookie or join in the fun. He just yo-yoed.

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Lady Carolyn said...

Hey, Happy Holidays, guys!