Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's home depot time once again!

Caleb is really starting to act two. He wants to do everything himself. He can be pretty animate about it too. Good thing Nathan's hand was waaay back there.
Yes, Nathan opted to be the two for one helper with Kirsten and Caleb. I'll give him that when we discovered that he helped build one out of two of the easels right. This is an ongoing joke between Nathan and I and now you all too. Every home depot activity so far nathan we help the kids build something and then I'll help take it apart and build it back correctly. We haven't figured out the cure yet, but we will keep trying or rather nathan will. I guess this is what makes us a good team, things break I fix them, things need to be made, nathan creates. I have to have something to start with and Nathan can make something great out of thin air. What a talented husband I have!
A friend of ours was so nice as to take a picture of us all hard at work. Well almost all of us.
Can everyone say,"cheese." Check out Caleb's face. We are still working on the smile, not scowl.


dots said...

hmmm...we should look into going back again to build things...

Lisa said...

We did this same one and the kids loved hammering. MJ didn't follow the directions either and had to take a part off too.